" We will aspire to be a learning organization, with an adaptability to accept the dynamism of fast changing eocnomy, while maintaining our core responsibilities towards the society. the ability to see through the dynamic needs of the customers with the power of power of creativity & innovation and a strong commitment to offer delight to the customer will take us to the top of the ladder five year hence. "

" We will endeavor to adopt a work culture that demonstrates a "WE CAN WE WILL" attitude to reflect in our daily responsibilities so as to achieve market dominance. we will create historical landmarks, forming a strong edifice for the future, overcoming all obstacles pro-actively, as our personal commitment & responsibility to create customer delight with impeccable personalized service ! "

" Transolutions quality service relies upon constant customer interaction and feedback. an immediate response to changing environment with pre-defined business processes managed effectiely and efficiently; leads to the output from the lowest input and this is the strongest belief in quality. the best certification of quality for Transolutions is the measurement of the scale of the smile on our customer's face ! "


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SPECIAL CIRCULAR ---- PREVENTION IN MONSOON-2013 Dear All, Greetings of the day! The Monsoon has already begun in North-Eastern sectors and Very soon with in May it will arrest Maharastra ,Orissa and West Bengl then other parts of India by the mid of June and this is a call for the extra special care and attention while handling and transporting the goods. Our customers expect and we have to assure them a 100% extra special handling of consignments and zero damages caused due to weather conditions. It is possible if we keep sufficient precautions while loading the Vehicles hence you are called to manage this exceptional part of the year in the best possible way you can and here the guidelines that you must adhere too: 1. All our BOOKING BRANH/TRANSHIPMENT BRANCH ALONGWITH Brokers, Owners and drivers must take sufficient precautions when they Load, move long haul or deliver consignments. 2. LOADING BRANCH MUST check the health of vehicle physically and ensure not only Proper condition of vehicle but also ensure that there is one sheet of tarpaulin spread on the floor of the vehicle and 3 tarpaulin sheets covering the complete load firmly with no open and loose ends to cover the vehicle from rain 3. DELIVERY BRANCH MUST checks all packages on arrival and ensures there is no any seepage in the vehicle, wet or damaged consignment. If anything odd it should be recorded on the unloading tally and updated immediately to Loading Branch, Booking Branch and Corporate Office 4. Inform the concerned booking branch in case you receive a damaged or wet package – (if possible) send pictures to confirm if the contents can be delivered/ moved forward in it original packaging or it is required to be re-packed. 5. In case of damages because of a faulty loading – inform the last transit point responsible and inform corporate office too. 6. Ensure the even distribution of weights across the floor of the vehicles and pack